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  • First let me say that you will love this office. From the moment you walk in you will know this is a very caring and professional office. The staff is delightful and very helpful. I have been a patient since November, 2013, after moving from Atlanta, GA where I had a wonderful dentist for 20 years. I plan to be with Dr. Kinkade that long! I was in the dental field for many years, first as a dental hygienist - and later a faculty member at Baylor College of Dentistry in Dallas, TX. Later I was in dental public health for the Texas Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control. I pretty will know good dentistry when I see it, and when you can trust that a doctor is knowledgeable, yet not trying to sell you treatments that are unnecessary. Dr. Kinkade is very thorough and will explain to you what is needed, yet work with you on your needs and budget. I totally trust him and his staff and feel I am in great hands. Whew! You will be so glad you found this office!
    Linda C.,
  • It had been 20 years since I had been to a dentist. So, as you can imagine I was terrified to go. I just happened to drive by Dr. Kinkades office and decided to go in and make an appointment. Thank goodness I did. Long story short, I was on the verge of gum disease and didn't even know it. I was scared about the procedure I needed. Dr. Kinkade and his assistant were so great! She was kind and funny and patient. Dr. Kinkade was easy going, funny, very patient, and believe me I had a ton of questions. Not to mention, extremely knowledgeable. This experience was like none other for me. Although going to the dentist is never fun, I will always go back to Dr. Kinkade and know that I am in great hands (literally)! And by the way, the receptionist was the person who gave me the first great impression. Thank you :).
    Malina L.,
  • Dr. Kinkade’s office staff is wonderful. All of them are kind and caring, and they treat you like part of their family. The warm atmosphere is a direct reflection of Dr. Kinkade’s sincere and friendly personality.
    Jane, Patient since 2007
  • As a new patient who had been with a previous dentist for about 10 years, I was a bit reluctant to make the change to KDS. I was pleasantly surprised the minute I walked into the office, welcomed very warmly by Annie and Dr. Kinkade himself. It is also very comforting knowing that all the equipment in the office is state-of-the-art. Dr. Kinkade was very thorough in obtaining my history, and also during the exam and cleaning. Looking forward to being a patient at KDS for many, many years.
  • Visiting Dr. Kinkade is like walking into the home of a good friend. Everyone is on a first-name basis, and the fact that it’s a family-owned practice makes the environment very warm and friendly.
    Jessica T., patient since 2007
  • Dr. Kinkade is fantastic. He is kind and personable and very thorough in his follow up. He explains dental procedures in everyday language that is easy to understand, which really puts me at ease.
    V.R., patient since 2007